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Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind
  • Position Number: 4209247
  • Location: Talladega, AL
  • Position Type: Academic Vice Presidents and Provosts

R-9566 Principal Alabama School for the Deaf-Revised

Alabama Institute for Deaf & Blind

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Revised & Re-Advertised

R- 9566 Reference# 31201555151500

Posting Date: May 22, 2023

Candidates who are blind or visually impaired and/or deaf or hard of hearing are encouraged to apply for this position and may be given preference in hiring as permitted by federal laws. Information related to disability is not required, and if disclosed voluntarily, will be used only in AIDB's efforts to create opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Non-disclosure will not subject any applicant to adverse treatment.

POSITION: Principal

Alabama School for the Deaf

Reports to Vice President, Instructional Programs


The Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB) is the world's most comprehensive education, rehabilitation, and service program serving individuals of all ages who are deaf, blind, deafblind, and multi-disabled and their families. Founded in 1858, AIDB serves more than 36,000 infants, toddlers, children, adults, and seniors with hearing and vision loss throughout Alabama each year.

Our services literally span a lifetime including five campuses in Talladega, ten regional centers located in Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Shoals, Opelika and Decatur with programs that range from early and senior intervention, traditional and nontraditional education services in residential and outreach settings and a manufacturing facility that is the state's largest employer of adults who are blind and deaf


Our employees are among the organizations' most valuable assets and resources. We share compassion for leveling the playing field for all. Our Mission makes AIDB a unique place to work and we invite you to be a part of the miracles that happen every day,

As the Principal of the Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) you will be responsible for working in partnership with other departments at AIDB, Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), the Council of Educational Administrators of Schools for the Deaf, etc. ASD is committed to meet our students where they are. The right candidate for this job will have a passion working with students and colleagues to ensure all students receive a world class education.


You will play a vital leadership role in the lives of our students and be a part of the miracles that happen every day at AIDB and ASD. This will be accomplished by overseeing the educational, residential, and transition services as well as demonstrating flexibility, positive attitude, agility, and professional maturity.

  • Graduate degree(s) in deaf education, educational administration or school counseling.
  • Certificate in the area of educational administration and/or Principal certification.
  • Must possess, or be able to obtain within 36 months, State of Alabama Teacher's Certificate in Deaf Education.
  • Minimum of three years' work experience as an educational administrator.
  • Minimum of five years' experience in the field of deaf education.
  • The ability to communicate effectively with deaf persons is required. A minimum Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) level of INTERMEDIATE according to the AIDB evaluation system is required. A minimum Sign Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI) level of ADVANCED is required within 36 months.
  • Possess a knowledge of federal and state statutes and laws concerning educational administration and programming, particularly as they affect students with hearing loss and/or multiple needs and comply accordingly.
  • Possess mature judgment and leadership skills with abilities to be creative and exercise individual initiative.
  • Be able to develop and maintain rapport and a shared vision of the future with staff members, school personnel, parents, students, alumni, and administration.
  • Coordinate and organize the AdvancEd and CEASD accreditation process, resulting in successful completion and continued accreditation.
  • Support alumni programs and be an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing of Alabama.
  • Must be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of deaf culture and deaf education.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Be committed to academic excellence and possess knowledge of contemporary issues and trends in curricula.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing and in public venues.
  • Be knowledgeable of and adhere to AIDB Policy & Procedures.
  • Upon offer of employment, the applicant must submit to a fingerprint background check at an agency designated and paid by AIDB."

  • Serve as an administrator and a member of the Vice President's Staff.
  • Direct and coordinate the liaison between instructional staff, after school staff, and other support staff. Coordinate the liaison between ASD staff, medical support staff, and other units of AIDB, as appropriate.
  • Direct the operation of dormitories, food services, recreational programs, and other support programs that are a part of the school.
  • Work cooperatively with other staff members in all areas of the school and AIDB for the total benefit of the students' growth and training.
  • Be committed to and demonstrate the ability to support continuous services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Provide leadership and innovative enrollment management strategies that result in both increased enrollment and retention of students.
  • Coordinate with ASD staff and the Admissions Office to address questions of eligibility, extended evaluations, the provision of technical assistance and other forms of outreach to promote the growth of ASD.
  • Create new opportunities for service delivery for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Coordinate with the Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) and the Vice President of Instructional Programs in positively communicating the programs and activities of the school to the public.
  • Lead/assist and coordinate with OIA/Admissions regarding VIP tours, donor tours, potential student tours, etc.
  • Oversee Summer Camps, including hiring/supervising staff and selection of students from across the state.
  • Assign, supervise, evaluate, and coordinate the work of the staff employed by the school.
  • Select and/or replace substitute teachers as needed.
  • Evaluate and/or review performance appraisals and reports on all ASD staff.
  • Provide leadership in continuous comprehensive academic and extended day curriculum development.
  • Provide structure and leadership that will foster the appropriate social and moral development of the students.
  • Provide direction for staff in accordance with the policies established by the Board of Trustees and the procedures established by the AIDB President along with the laws prescribed by Federal and State statutes.
  • Provide direction for student discipline in accordance with policies established by the Board of Trustees and as prescribed by Federal and State statutes.
  • Provide leadership in developing an after-school environment that resembles as close as possible a home-like environment.
  • Maintain appropriate relationships with the State Department of Education and other agencies which impact K-12 curriculum, testing, and other programs.
  • Be knowledgeable and participate, when appropriate, in the Individual Education Plans (IEP's).
  • Maintain student records and supervise and review the preparation of student reports. Prepare and submit other reports as needed. Adhere to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Participate in research and grant writing activities. Coordinate and maintain needed records on all Federal and special projects and/or grants assigned to the school.
  • Maintain professional competence and growth through participation in professional development activities and through other organizational memberships, readings, conferences, courses, etc.
  • Coordinate with the Physical Plant Department regarding the care and safekeeping of the school buildings and grounds and all equipment therein.
  • Attend all staff meetings called by the Vice President of Instructional Programs and/or President.
  • Report to the Vice President and/or President all major cases of negligence, inefficiency, or willful violations of school rules and insubordination to authority on the part of employees under his/her supervision.
  • Coordinate and work successfully and in cooperation with AIDB Board of Trustees, the Vice President, the President, and other executive and administrative staff, and AIDB legal counsel in the resolution of complaints and lawsuits.
  • Be responsible for the development and maintenance of the school's budget for all programs under the responsibility of the Principal, in coordination with the Vice President, President and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Prepare and submit reports and presentations as requested by the President, Vice President and Board of Trustees, including State of the School reports and outcome data to evaluate school progress.
  • Participate in relevant AIDB events including students, alumni, Board of Trustees and professional activities.
  • Coordinate fundraising activities with the Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Work cooperatively with the Special Education/Testing Coordinator in accomplishing successful monitoring, testing, and other related duties.
  • Perform other relevant duties as may be assigned by the Vice President and/or President of AIDB.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: The Principal of the Alabama School for the Deaf shall be appointed by the President. The annual employment contract shall be for twelve months to include such holidays, sick leave, insurance benefits, and other benefits as are established by the President and the Board of Trustees. The salary for this position is based upon the administrative salary schedule for the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind.

POSITION EVALUATION: Evaluation shall be directly related to assigned duties and responsibilities and will occur annually on a formal basis. Evaluation will be accomplished by an assessment by the Vice President and/or President.

POSITION ACCEPTANCE: The person appointed to this position shall have an opportunity to review the contents of the job description and request explanations or interpretations of the job requirements. It is understood and agreed that this document constitutes a general job description and cannot include all duties incumbent with this position. The duties/responsibilities of this position are subject to modification in terms of management's expectations or needs. Acceptance of this position implies a complete understanding of the above terms.

BENEFITS: Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Available

Alabama State TRS Retirement

Deferred Compensation Options Available

Paid Time Off

SALARY: $91,071 - $134,506 Scale A1 Rank 02

(260 days)

Direct deposit is required.

This is an exempt position, and is not subject to overtime or compensatory provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


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